Grand Master Moo Young Kang

Grand Master Moo Young Kang is a ninth degree black belt and a well-respected international authority on the martial arts. He has forty seven years experience in various disciplines of the arts including, Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do, and numerous weapons. Master Kang’s training began when he was a young boy learning Tae Kwon Do, Kendo and Judo in Seoul, Korea. At the age of thirteen, he was introduced to the art of Hap Ki Do. Until then, Hap Ki Do was taught only to the personal guards of the Korean royal family. Hap Ki Do fascinated him with its “softer” style and moves designed to stop and control rather than the more traditional punching and kicking of the other martial arts. Through this discipline, Master Kang designed his own “enlightenment” approach towards the study of the martial arts. This philosophy is still seen in his school today along with his unique approach of training his students himself. “People should learn from a master, not a student.”

Master Kang has been a lecturer and an instructor at numerous colleges and law enforcement organizations throughout the San Diego region for the last twenty years. His Hap Ki Do techniques are regularly taught to the local Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) personnel. He also volunteers many of his hours teaching classes at elementary and high schools around San Diego county. “Young people need this balanced physical and emotional education to help grow with confidence and strength.”

“The Oriental Martial Arts College is the culmination of my dreams. It is here that I am ultimately responsible for the quality of our instruction. I can ensure that my students will learn all aspects of the classical martial arts education: meditation, oriental medicine, natural solutions to physical and mental ills, and personal principles to guide our destiny. These are all very important to me. The martial arts are so much more than most people believe. Teaching is how I can enlighten and open people’s doors. It is a joy to see people take what I have offered and use it to make them grow.”

Grand Master
-9thDegree Black Belt Hapkido
– 9thDegree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do

Korean Certified Acupuncturist

Visiting Instructor Schools:
-Aviara Oaks, Kelly and Baker Elementary Schools
-John Muir High School

Instructor to Law Enforcement and Military
-Marine Corps Counter Intelligence Team
-Vietnam-U.S. Special Forces

Grand Master Hall of Fame — United Martial Arts Federation

Over 47 years experience in Martial Arts

“People should learn from a master, not a student.”


Head Instructor Jim Elliot
Master Jim, as the kids call him brings the experience of a 3rd degree black belt and 13 years of Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido training to his classes, but his best quality is his ability to relate to students. Adult and child alike find Jim a patient and fun teacher.
Young adults and children especially like Master Jim because he seamlessly incorporates training and play, teaching self control, respect and Tae Kwon Do techniques while having fun.
Master Jim has taught self-defense seminars to various civic groups, including college groups and the Girl Scouts of America. Jim is also an avid runner, collects comic books (he has over 15,000) and is a published author of short stories and a novel.