Benjamin Chen is a 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido and has been practicing martial arts for over 25 years.

Mr. Chen is the Founder and CEO of Mochila, a leading content syndication platform for delivering customized solutions for brand advertisers and premium publishers. Mr. Chen has worked as an external entrepreneur in residence for both JP Morgan and Mission Ventures as well as acted as an advisor conducting due diligence on new business models and technologies for GE Capital. At iXL, a strategic interactive agency (now part of Publicis Groupe), Mr. Chen was the global CTO and CIO responsible for all internal and external technology initiatives, as well as leading the due diligence in the acquisition and integration of over 30 companies, helping grow the company in three years from 60 to 3,000 people, with offices in the US, Europe and Asia.

Grand Master Kang is one of the truly exceptional instructors that I have had the privilege to study under. His ability to explain movements is very down to earth and easy to understand.


Stephen F. Ciambrone, 1st degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do, 2nd degree Black Belt Hapkido, 4th degree Blue Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Chief Information Officer of the Global Enterprise Payments Software Development Group at Citigroup. Mr. Ciambrone has been studying Martial Arts for over 20 years.

Grand Master Kang is truly one of the most gifted instructors of Martial Arts I have ever encountered. His technique and attention to detail is extraordinary. I have attended many of his special seminars over the years and always came away with exceptional learning. It has been a rare privilege to have trained under his guidance.


Howard Feldman, President Pioneer Emergency Response Services Inc. and Pioneer Security Services Inc.

I have been practicing with martial arts instructors in the world for over 40 years.

Meeting Grandmaster Kang has been 15 years ago has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. When I was 39, I had open heart surgery; and require blood thinners. As a result, we have modified our exercise routine and I continue exercising, stretching, doing mediation , weapons, and some basic martial arts techniques with Master Kang twice weekly. This keeps me flexible, eliminates back pain and is excellent for my mental well being.

I also have an 11 year old German Shepherd ,Felix, with German Shepherd Degenerative Myleopathy (an incurable disease similar to’Lou Gehrig’s disease) Over a year ago, I bought a dog wheelchair because Felix was unable to go for a walk. Master Kang , who is also experienced in acupuncture, performed acupuncture on Felix and has done so weekly. This has been very beneficial to Felix and has preserved his ability to walk WITHOUT the wheelchair. It has been a privilege to study with Master Kang,

With Gratitude and Respect.

Howard and Felix


Grand Master Moo Young Kang has been working with me, one-on-one, twice weekly (when not traveling), for nearly four years. My time with him is spent not only learning Hap-ki-do, but in maintaining body and joint flexibility and muscle tone using flexure and acupressure. In August 2012 I was awarded my Black Belt, 1st degree, in Hap-ki-do.

I am an eighty-six year old male in excellent physical condition. I have practiced weight training all of my life in addition to cardio activities such as tennis and running. Learning Hap-ki-do with GM Kang has been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding activities of my long life. I only wish I had started as a teenager.

Speaking with the authority of a long active life, working with GM Kang has not only slowed down the inevitable deterioration of strength and body flexibility that comes with age past forty years, but, most importantly, has provided me with the continuing self-confidence of being able to defend myself. The Hap-ki-do techniques are perfect for the older man since they emphasize instant stopping of an attack, followed by control and disabling of the attacker. The sparring and kicking techniques of other martial arts are not as suitable because they require a high level of fast response, endurance, agility, and flexibility that we no longer possess.

Kenneth Holland is a retired aerospace engineer, specializing in rocket propulsion systems. He is one of the early pioneers in the design of large ballistic missiles during the “cold war” and of rocket-powered booster launch vehicles. He is also a decorated World War II combat veteran. He now manages his own investments and travels world-wide with his wife of sixty-four years.



George F.Koob, 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido, Ph.D. Professor, Committee on the Neurobiology of Addictive Disorders, The Scripps Research Institute Adjunct Professor, Departments of Psychology, Psychiatry and Skaggs School of Pharmacy, University of California San Diego

Master Kang keeps me healthy and fit in body and mind through our weekly sessions. I am a basic research Professor at The Scripps Research Institute and an Adjunct Professor at the University of California San Diego. I have a very heavy load of teaching of undergraduate students at UCSD and mentoring my Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows basic research on the neurobiology of addiction and related disorders. I have published over 600 peer reviewed papers, mentored 11 Ph. D. students and over 70 postdoctoral fellows.


It is very hard to explain Grand Master Kang in a few words. He is the Kindest and gentlest person and teacher you will ever meet. I have studied with him on and off for 14 yrs. He is responsible for making me a Hapkido addict. Wherever I travel, I try to find a school and or Master he suggests to train with. You need only see the face of some of these Hapkido Grand Masters smile when his name is mentioned. You need only witness, once, the respect these teachers show Grand Master Kang, when they are all together, to know that he is the “Real Deal”.

There are not many living Grand Masters on his level that personally teach every class. Over my years at his school I cannot remember one visiting Grand Master that hasn’t taken any of his students to the side, at some point, and said, “ I hope you realize how lucky you are to have this man as your teacher.” I do realize it and thank God every day after every class. This gentle man has so much Martial arts knowledge inside his head that you could be with him your whole life….and he would still keep pulling lessons and insights out of his pocket that you had never seen before. He is a martial arts “Savant”….. a “Master of Masters”. His knowledge of Martial Arts and Energy will astound and completely convince you that he is truly from another world!

Señor Lopez, Encinitas, Ca


If you are looking for a Hapkido master in the San Diego area, do not hesitate to seek out Grand Master Moo Young Kang. GM. Kang is one of the original pioneers to bring traditional Korean martial arts to the United States. I have had the pleasure of training with him and hosting a seminar at my school in New Jersey. His knowledge of Acupuncture and Ki energy is absolutely amazing.He truly is a ‘Master of Masters’.

Master Brian McCann, Self Defense Academy, Howell, NJ